Dielectric gloves

Dielectric gloves
  • Dielectric gloves "Azri" are used in electrical energy industry.

  • Function
  • Characteristics
  • Advantages

Dielectric gloves are used to protect people from electric shock. Made of latex or tough rubber.

There are two types of eleсtroinsulating gloves:

  1. to run electrical systems up to 1000V
  2. to run electrical systems above 1000V

The former case reveals gloves as the primary means of protection when working with electricity. In the later case the gloves work as an additional electrical safety device.

Dielectric gloves are also divided into the following types:

  • seamless;
  • with a seam;
  • five-fingered;
  • two-finger (dielectric mittens).

Instructions of working with electroinsulating gloves:

  1. Before operating one should carefully inspect the gloves for any damages by twisting them in the direction of the fingers , and check if there are any punctures by filling the gloves with the air.
  2. Make sure that gloves are clean and dry.
  3. Working with gloves is strongly prohibited if they are out of their expire date.
  4. Gloves should be stored in a dark and dry place.

Abidance with the above rules will provide you the security of working with an electric current.

Requirements for dielectric gloves:

  • labelling the "EV" or "EN";
  • gloves length - 35 cm or more;
  • the gloves should be of such size that it’ll be possible to wear any other gloves under them to protect from mechanical damages or in cases of low temperatures.

It’s recommended to wash them with soap or soda solution from time to time and then dry them up. The company "ElectroTechProm" proposes electroinsulating gloves that meet all the above requirements.

Our dielectric insulating gloves are reliable and of high quality certified by CU.

Characteristics of dielectric gloves: 

  • Material: naturallatex
  • Length: not less than 350 mm
  • Thickness: 1.3±0.2 mm
  • Normative document: TS 38.306-5-63-97
  • Packing: 1 pair of dielectric gloves in individual packaging (plastic bag) 30 pairs in cartons
  • Shelflife - 1 year from manufacture date

Advantages of dielectric gloves:

  • Gloves "Azri" are made from latex of high quality, and are perfect for work thanks to the anatomical shape and absence of seams.
  • An important feature of dielectric gloves "Azri" is the absolute strength and unmatched durability.
  • Dielectric gloves "Azri" do not lose the protective properties at differential temperatures (from -40 to +50 C).